Happy Thursday Friends!!

So I saw a post the other day that talked about how forever is made of lots of little “nows” So i really wanted to start remembering all of the little things that mean nothing, or everything but really make up our week. So, say hello to my Thursday Thoughts! It’s definitely one of my more personal post series, but I’m really excited for it! So hopefully you had some really great moments to remember that bring you a little closer to the weekend! Here we go!!

– Working from home can be lonely. Sure, I get to wear yoga pants while I work, but there is very little conversation. The dogs make great listeners, but eventually you start to feel silly. So i savor every moment of meeting up with friends. Tuesday was no exception. our local #tuesdaytogether has blessed me with so many friends and sweet Iviana and Kami are no exception. I’ve found my people. Of this I am sure.

-I gave my mom a new Fitbit to track her steps. She is now convinced she needs to wave her arm every time she walks to make sure it counts. Just one of the many reasons why I love her.

-Kyle called in a panic on Sunday because they left the key in the ignition for hours while they were riding dirt bikes. And of course, the battery was dead. Things don’t really change, even when you’re 30…

– We macgyvered a couple of boxes together to see if our resident scaredy-cat, Lager, would be willing to use stairs to get on the couch with the rest of us. In his old age, which we have no idea how old is old, its been hard. It was however hilarious watching him learn. And by the way, he’s now a total pro and we plan on upgrading his steps from old Amazon Prime boxes to a snazzy wood ASAP.

-My insatiable addiction to Plantain chips continues. The amazing banana looking, chip tasting snack has me convinced I’ve found my veggie straw replacement, though the nutrient facts say I’ve just changed the shape of my not-so-healthy snacking. I’m still going to chalk this one up as a win.

-My knack for ill-timed migraines (like there’s ever a well-timed one…) made an appearance on Monday. So Tuesday I invested in new glasses. 💁🏼 Because nothing is better than new accessories, in blue of course!

-I had a hair epiphany this week. And I finally learned how to get my hair to curl so it looks more natural, and not as Shirley Templeesq. And i’ve got it down to just 15 minutes. Total #girlwin right there

-Kyle found out that there is a whole world of Jeep related pins on Pinterest. And more time than either of us would dare admit went to finding every cool gadget and hard top storage idea the internet has to offer.

Photo Credit: Amy Bluestar

So there we go, our household week highlights. Here’s to a fast Friday and an amazing weekend friends!

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